Our Process

Your Vision Financial Group understands that our clients are all at different points in their financial journey.

As Financial Advisers through Eagle Strategies LLC, we have created three different client experiences and look forward to exploring which process might be the right fit for you.


Basic Plan

This involves a process when a client would like to work with us on a few specific financial objectives. This process is quicker and is meant to help people make strategic moves in their financial planning. Many of our younger families and businesses, in the early stages, find this process helpful for Life Insurance Planning, Disibility Planning, College Planning, or help in establishing/managing existing Retirement Plans.

Three Meeting Process

1. Discovery meeting. We discuss and gather all relevant information about your financial picture and introduce the MAP (Macro Asset Perspective) Process.

2. Analysis and Implementation meeting. We will discuss and review together the analysis of your data and give our recommendations. We will provide you YOUR personalized MAP Model and look to start the implementation of these changes at this meeting.

3. Delivery/Review Meeting. We will review the insurance and investment accounts and answer any questions or concerns.


Comprehensive Financial Plan

This is a fee based process where clients are looking for a thorough analysis of where they currently stand relative to their overall financial objectives. We find this is a very valuable process for clients further along in their financial journey or nearing a financial crossroad (college, retirement, business succession, estate planning, inheritance, divorce, ect.). This is also very helpful for clients who have dramatic shift in their lives and need to reevaluate their financial objectives.

Five Meeting Process

1. Introductory. Free of charge

2. Data Gathering. Collection of all relevant information

3. "Blueprint" The optional topics in this initial analysis process are Net Worth, Cash Flow, Budgeting, Education Funding, Retirement Funding, Estate Conservation Planning, Charitable Legacy Planning, Business Succession Planning, and Risk Management.

4. Final Recommendations & Implementation. We will either help our client implement their plan on their own, help our client implement plan with existing or new advisor(s) of choice, or we will help our client implement through our insurance and investment channels.

5. Final Delivery & Review of Implementation. We will review the insurance and investment accounts and answer any questions or concerns.

Please visit http://eaglestrategies.com/#/our-services for more explanation of our planning capacities through the Registered Investment Advisor, Eagle Strategies LLC.


Wealth Management via Semi-Annual Meetings

This is for clients who have completed the Comprehensive Financial Plan (above) and have opted to implement the recommendations with our team.

The process is an ongoing monitoring and adjusting of the plan as clients lives and objectives change. This allows us to have the most impact on the client’s continuous financial journey. This is most helpful for clients who have a clear vision and focus on achieving their goals.